Professional AFT Quantum Healing facilitation Kit for periodic healing

NEW AFT Healing Kit.3.0 with Online Training

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( with AFT Quantum Healing Facilitator online training)

AFT Quantum Healing Kit is designed to help facilitate an effective, non-invasive natural healing and energizing therapy. The healing kit is ENERGIZED and programmed with healing vibratory messages by the latest Quantum Resonance Technology: AMized Fusion Technology (AFT) to resonate at Zero Point Field resonance, in other words: Universal Life Force Energy.

The AFT Quantum Healing Kit can be used by anyone with or without experience to facilitate, thus avoiding any negative influence or manipulations for both parties involved.

The AFT Quantum Healing Kit acts as a Life Force energy catalyst, boosting, cleansing, balancing, undoing mental & emotional disorders and healing discomforts like fatigue, stress, and tiredness.

The AFT Quantum Healing Kit consists of:-

  1. 1 x Amwand Pro Silver: Energy Healing Tool
  2. 4 x AFT Quantum Entrained Healing Disc
  3. 4 x AFT Chakra Discs
  4. 1 x 7.5 mm Orgonite Cone Antenna
  5. 1x 120 ml Healing Mist
  6. 1 x EGA Therapeutic Oil
  7. Set of AFT Energized Kinesio Tapes
  8. 20pcs of AFT Healing Pellets
  9. Eye Pad (silk)
  10. Carry Case
  11. User Manual (Workbook)
  12. Certificate of Authenticity 
  13. 1 x Free Amwand classic

TOGETHER with 4 Module Online Training for 2 people per AFT Healing Kit and AFT Facilitator Certification upon completion.

A separate email will be sent to you with login details for AFT Facilitator Online Training Course. 

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    Amazing technology and therapy

    Posted by Tina Nathan on 28th Aug 2022

    Amazing technology and therapy. I got this to help my Mom's health and the results were amazing. Now I am healing others with it!