ONENESS Quantum Resonance AFT Energy Pendant (Unisex)

ONENESS - Quantum Resonance AFT Energy Pendant (Unisex)

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ONENESS AFT Pendant: Elevate Your Harmony

Step into a realm of equilibrium and vitality with our ONENESS AFT Pendant an upgraded version designed to transcend the challenges of our modern, stress-laden world. Meticulously crafted, this pendant represents a fusion of care and innovation, blending 14 natural minerals and crystals within a sleek titanium casing.

The ONENESS AFT Pendant features an enhanced AFT Quantum resonance copper chip at the back, activating a potent natural energy resonance responsive to your body's heat and vibration. This transformative chip acts as a filter, converting surrounding EMF waves into a body-friendly wavelength, while simultaneously absorbing and transmuting harmful frequencies. Think of it as your air or water filter for the energetic world!

Strategically positioned at the thymus gland, the assemblage point, this pendant facilitates the abundant flow of Universal Life Force energy. This resonance synchronizes with your personal vibration, dynamically boosting your immune system and guiding you into an empowered and energetic state.

A staunch supporter of the Thymus Gland, the ONENESS AFT Pendant contributes to immune system strength and aids in enhancing personal vibration for an empowered energetic state.

Infused with a distinctive quantum resonance, the ONENESS AFT Pendant aspires to:-

  • The clearance of energy blockages, increased vitality, strength, flexibility, and elevated energy levels.
  • Elevate your energetic system, striving for a state of homeostasis an optimal blend of wellness and harmony.
  • Harmonize with your Biofield, dispelling distortions and reinforcing your vibration against the onslaught of EMF, Esmog, 4Gs, 5Gs, negative energies, and oxidative stress.
  • Harmonious balance across your Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical Dimensions
  • Improve your quality of rest and reduce stress levels.

Each ONENESS AFT Pendant undergoes stringent quality checks, complete with a unique serial number and an AFT Quality Assurance card. Choose from three captivating colors, each accompanied by a complimentary 20-inch stainless steel chain.

Elevate your well-being and embrace the positive energy flow of the ONENESS AFT Pendant, a beacon of balance in a chaotic world.

Specifications: Unisex Design

Metal: Titanium Casing in Silver or Black Enamel Polish Finish

Diameter: 40 mm, Thickness: 6 mm

Comes with a FREE complimentary 20-inch stainless steel chain.

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    Very Powerful

    Posted by Julia Khon on 15th Apr 2024

    I started using this pendant 6 months ago. I can feel a boost in my energy, vitality, and confidence - not sure if this is attributed to the pendant. One thing is for sure, my mood swings are gone! Thank you.

  • 5
    Excellent product

    Posted by Jenny Summers on 4th Sep 2022

    I am very sensitive to energy and the EMF and eSmog were affecting my mood until I started wearing this pendant. Great product, will recommend.