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AFT Quantum Energy Pendant
Feeling tired, lethargic, and low energy?
Are you stressed up, un-motivated, doubtful, and have mood swings regularly?
Have aches, pain, discomfort, or feeling weak regularly?
We live in a busy world today laden with stress, unhealthy lifestyles, and a harmful environment that dissipates our Biofield resulting in a lack of energy and energetic disorders.
Our natural energetic level, alignment, and harmony are greatly affected which contributes to our underperformance, disorders and eventually leads to long-term health issues.
In fact, we exert more energy than our intake of energy!

Low energy level

Hormonal Imbalances

Mental & Emotional Stress

Poor immunity

We are exposed to EMF and e-smog radiation around the clock!

EMFs and e-smog influence metabolic processes in the human body and exert various biological effects on cells through a range of mechanisms. EMF & E-smog disrupts the chemical structures of tissues since a high degree of electromagnetic energy absorption can change the electric current in the body.

Our body is physically connected by a network of over 70 trillion self-producing cells and is made up of energy. They are all dependent on our body’s Bio-Energetic Field, which has its own vibratory signature, or, electromagnetic rhythm. When this field is imbalanced, so do our feelings, thoughts, health, and lives. As a result, we become imbalanced and experience ‘dis-ease’.

Biofield aft quantum physics

We are a sum total of our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. Our behavior and actions are based on our personal vibrations powered by the level of subtle energy and energetic balance in all 4 dimensions: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical.

How well we handle anything and everything is based on how well we are powered, balanced, and protected.

We are a "bundle" of condensed energy resonating at a very special personal vibration. Every person is unique and has a unique energy system. The thoughts we have, sounds we make, and emotions we experience are all but ENERGY in motion. We are made up of about 70 trillion cells, comprising atoms that are powered by subtle energy also known as “Life Force Energy”.

Our body is surrounded by an invisible field called the Biofield (bio-photon field) which is commonly known as the "aura". According to Quantum Physics, the Biofield is a self-organizing, self-directed, intelligent system that directs the information and energy flow of the body, which is crucial to the genetic, chemical, and physiological processes of the body.

The energetic aspects of the structure and function of the body along with all the feelings that we experience such as thoughts, states of consciousness, physical sensations, and much more are contained and managed within the Biofield. The Biofield is like our Earth’s Ozone layer, when damaged or weakened, would upset the order and eco-system.


Step into a sanctuary of balance and vitality with our AFT Pendant a revolutionary Quantum resonance energy-balancing pendant designed to counteract the challenges of our fast-paced, stress-laden world. Crafted with care, this pendant is a harmonious blend of natural minerals and crystals encased in a sleek titanium pendant casing.

What sets the AFT Pendant apart is its infusion with cutting-edge AMized Fusion Technology (AFT), a proprietary process that takes place in an AFT vacuum chamber for 21 days. This unique technology serves as an amplifying force, enhancing the pendant's inherent life-giving energy.

Imbued with a distinctive quantum resonance, the AFT Pendant strives to elevate your energetic system and maintain a state of homeostasis an optimal level of wellness and harmony. Its resonant frequencies synchronize with your Biofield, effectively dispelling distortions and fortifying your vibration against the onslaught of EMF, Esmog, harmful frequencies, negative energies, oxidative stress and more.

A study on Chakra (energy centers) alignment with GDV shows significant improvement in mental, and emotional dimensions after wearing AFT Pendant.

A study on energy level and Biofield with GDV shows significant improvements after wearing AFT pendant.

Lifeblood analysis before wearing AFT Pendant. Results - Poor

Lifeblood analysis after wearing AFT Pendant. Results - Good improvement. 

Not an ordinary pendant, it is AFT energized Quantum Resonance Pendants.

When worn, the AFT Energy Pendant supports (like a conduit) our Biofield to source the Life Force Energy from the environment, thus restoring the energy deficiencies, clearing its distortions, and empowering our energetic wellness. When imbalances are cleared and energy is balanced, our body returns to homeostasis.

The AFT Pendant when worn, should sit at the assemblage point which aligns with the Heart Chakra. The assemblage point is the core center of your energetic system. This synthesizes the Biofield, and the personal vibration with the Heart Chakra, which is aligned with the Thymus Gland.

The thymus gland plays an important role in the functioning of the immune system, builds resistance for combating diseases, and helps in development in all dimensions.


Positioned at the thymus gland, known as the assemblage point, the pendant facilitates the abundant flow of Universal Life Force energy. This resonance harmonizes with your personal vibration, dynamically boosting your immune system and ushering you into an empowered and energetic state.

The AFT Pendant stands as a staunch supporter of the Thymus Gland, contributing to the strengthening of the immune system. Additionally, it aids in enhancing personal vibration to foster an empowered energetic state.

Elevate your well-being and embrace the positive energy flow with the AFT Pendant a beacon of balance in a chaotic world.

Mental Health

Emotional Health

Physical Health

  • Including the clearance of energy blockages and imbalances.
  • Increased vitality, strength, flexibility, and energy levels.
  • Balancing your Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical Dimensions.
  • Fortifying your Biofield against e-smog, oxidative stress, and negative energies.
  • Improving the quality of rest, and reducing stress.


AMpendant Researcher Drolga

AMwand (Energy Healing tool) and AFT Ampendant (Energy Balancing Pendant) Research by
- Dr.Olga

Ampendant testimonial judy

I've been using the AMPendant and AMWand for years now and I've felt its wonderful effects on my body. I then decided to gradually introduce it in my clinic. Since then, I've only heard good feedback from my customers, like how the AFT products have made them feel better and energized
- Judy Thampse - Brisbane, AU

Ampendant testimonial judy

Amazing Product! I feel better, My energy level improves, and most importantly my stress level has reduced!
- Judy Thampse - Brisbane, AU

Ampendant testimonial Rebecca

Nice look, Very attractive, I feel the empowering energy since wearing it. My biggest issue is explaining to those who see me wearing this!
- Rebecca Girouard - Vancouver - CA

Now, you have a simple and affordable way to fight back and stay protected from EMF and Oxidative Stress!