Welcome to AFT Quantum Healing

We are a condensed vibrational energy, being composed of light and sound energy, variously referred to as chi (China), ki (Japan), manna (Hawaii), prana (India). This bundle of condensed energy forms a field around it known as Bio-Field, Bio-Photon field or commonly known as Aura. This is the “source code” of our existence, it extends both internally and externally, and it interacts with everything within and around us. It reacts to our every thought, word, feeling, choice and action. All our physical, emotional and mental information are actually stored and managed in this Bio-Field. Our Bio-Field is Holographic Energy Matrix of our physical body.

Our energetic system is constantly being abused by our lifestyle and environment, which leads to energy deficiency, energy imbalances, and energetic blockages & disorders. This results in various issues:

  • Physical: Aches & pains, fatigue, disability and rapid aging,
  • Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (EBD)
  • Mental and Spiritual Disorders

These issues restrict our ability to achieve our desires and to live life to the fullest. However, we have an innate intelligence to heal ourselves. The healing happens automatically when we are in the right healing state and when we have enough Life Force Energy. With the latest Quantum Resonance Technology and with the use of AFT Quantum energy products, we can help our body’s innate ability to help heal by itself.

What is AFT Quantum Healing?

AFT Quantum Healing refers to quantum healing leveraging on ENERGIZED products without the interference/manipulations of any individual. Just like using light to conduct light therapy and music to conduct sound therapies, AFT Quantum Healing uses specialized ENERGIZED products that resonate at the Zero Point resonance field.

In AFT Quantum Healing, no manipulation or channeling of energy through the healer is performed.

AFT Quantum Healing Specialty Products

AMized Fusion Technology (AFT) is a proprietary technology that energizes the products to resonate the Zero Point Field. In AMized Fusion Technology process, only natural minerals and elements can be ENERGIZED. First of all, products are cleaned from any negative contaminants and then they are charged in the vacuum chamber for over 21 days. This process is based on the application of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics and further subjected to the energetic formulation and resonance encoding depending on the intended use.

AFT Healing Academy

We are passionate and excited to share AFT Quantum Healing techniques & therapies with all. We conduct online webinars and offline seminars, workshops, and training to help improve the awareness of Energy Healing and AFT Quantum Healing. Monthly webinars, 1-day basic workshops and 2 1/2 days weekend practitioner courses.



Absolutely YES!. All our products are manufactured and marketed directly by the company and its authorized stockist and distributors. We are authorized marketing agents acting on behalf of the company.

NO – AFT technology in its full: AMized Fusion TechnologyTM is a proprietary technology exclusively developed and owned by the company. Nobody outside the company has the access to the technology.

These products are used as a catalyst for the alternative and Complementary Medicine. It is suitable for all ages and even animals. These are suitable for those who want a holistic approach to healing.

Yes! we have invested millions on the technology and products, we believe in the products’ integrity, in fact, 80% of our business comes from word of mouth referral. The company offers a 30 days money back guarantee – no questions asked.

Beware of duplicates! Just like Rolex, Gucci and some major brands have duplicates, there are similar duplicate products available and all those DO NOT have same formulation and or ENERGIZATION.

Yes! Each and every product manufactured and sent out on every order comes with a product certification and seal. Some items like the AMwand and AMPendant have serial number inscribed on the back for easy identification.