• Suffering from low-energy, aches, and pains,?
  • Feeling stressed, depressed, and sick?
  • Interested in Holistic Healing leveraging on Quantum Technology?
AFT AMwand: Quantum Healing Energy Tool

The AMwand is made up of a special combination of 13 to 14 granulated minerals and crystals, energized using our proprietary quantum resonance technology called: AMized Fusion TechnologyTM to resonate at Zero Point Field. These monatomic crystals and minerals are encapsulated in a stainless-steel pen-sized casing and “vacuum charged” to resonate Life force energy to help facilitate the energy cleansing, balancing, and healing.

When "wanded" (clockwise circular motion - pointed) with the AMwand or press lightly at the meridian points, it creates a vortex of Life-force energy flow. Our Biofield’s innate intelligence is able to detect the Universal Life Force Energy and use the resonance of the AMWand to “act” as a bridge or as an antenna to source the Universal Life Force Energy from the environment.

  • Multi-purpose: Can use on humans, animals, plants, and environment.
  • Almost immediate result: Just point and 'wand" (rotate clockwise), or hold in your hand and do a kinesiology test. If you have pain or discomfort just point and "wand" with your eyes closed.
  • No side effects: It's natural quantum healing, no side effects!
  • Easy to use: Just point and wand! simple, easy and can be used by anyone for anyone.

All living things are constituted with bundle of condensed energy variously referred as Chi (China), Ki (Japan), Manna (Polynesia), Prana (India) and Ruach (Hebrew) and Baraka in Islamic Countries. Talking about the body- it is constituted from limbs> Organs > Tissues > Cells > Molecules > Atoms > Electrons, Neutrons and Protons. Hence the complete functionality of the body is dependable on the basic foundational block called as 'Cell' and 'Energy' in these cells.

How Does It Work?
When wanded, the AMwand acts as a conduit for our Biofield to source the Life force energy from the environment to correct its distortions and restore to its balanced state. When the Bio-field is restored and balanced, the Life Force Energy will be channeled into the body and therefore:-
• Increases the energetic resonance of all atoms, thereby empowering the cells to function at optimum performance in the areas of cellular cleansing, rejuvenation, and revitalization.
• Activates connects and optimizes all the major energy centers, creating a better flow of energy throughout the body.
• Activates all major glands in our body that are connected by the endocrine system. This will optimize the secretion of vital hormones and enzymes.
• Clears & balances energy blockages and aligns our physical, mental and emotional state bringing about the homeostasis (an optimized, balanced state of the human body).


AMized Fusion Technology is our proprietary quantum resonance technology process to energize the products to resonate at Zero Point Field or otherwise known as Life Force Energy.
In AMized Fusion Technology® process, only organic products or natural elements are used. Ingredients are cleansed from any negative contaminants and then charged in the vacuum chamber for over 21 days. The natural life force resonance is amplified when charged within the specialized AFT vacuum chamber.
Regular energy cleansing and balancing are highly recommended to improve your energetic wellness.


AMwanding: - Pointing the AMwand as close to the person, animal, food, plant, or place, and rotating it - Clockwise!

Amwand Acupressure: Applying pressure at an interval on meridian points and Chakra points using the Tip of the AMwand.

EFT Tapping: using the AMwand Tip and tapping slightly on certain points on our body to release and balance energy.

PS: Step by step user guidebook is available with your purchase.
Independent laboratory research on AFT AMwand effect on blood before and after "Wanding", bio-field research and performance test with AFT Wand. 
Life-blood analysis with AFT AMwand
AMwand performance test
BIo-field research with AFT AMwand!
Aches, Pain, and Discomfort

Use the AMwand for any kind of physical pain, cramps, and discomfort. Simply point the AMwand over the concerned area and wand. (keep eyes closed).

Anti-wrinkle & Facelift

Use the AMwand on your face for facelift, anti-wrinkle therapy, and skin rejuvenation. (Simple video instruction available)

Energizing Plants 

“Wand” plants & trees to energize them, unblock energy flow which helps them to grow better and healthier.

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing

Use the Wand on all the Chakras to “unblock” and balance the Chakras. Also, hold the AMwand Pointing towards you when in meditation.

Energizing Food & Liquids

“Wand” your food & liquids before eating to energize the food and “neutralize” unwanted elements. Wand your wine to make it taste good and rich!

Cleansing & Energizing Environment

“Wand” any place to balance energy flow, cleanse negative energy and increase positive energy flow.

Energy & Bio-field Healing

Use the AMwand to facilitate healing on you, others or animals. Regular “Wanding” helps to improve immunity, overall energy, and speedy recovery.

Energizing Personal Care Products

“Wand” your body & face care products before using. This will energize and “neutralize” unwanted elements.

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“Wand” any pets and animals regularly to cleanse, balance and heal them from any discomforts and disorders.


AMWand not just only supports healing alone, but empowers your energy and enhances your energetic performance. Wand regularly to expand your intuitiveness, creativeness, emotional stability, mental awareness, memory, critical thinking, decision-making, and stress management abilities.

• Assists in energy center alignment, and energy cleansing & balancing.
• Reduces or relieves from aches, pains, cramps, fatigue, and physical discomforts.
• May increase vitality, strength, flexibility and energy levels.
• Supports speedy recovery and healing.
• Help reduce stress, eliminate depression and get us into deep relaxation and meditative state.
• May increase the effectiveness of skin & body care products through better absorption into the body.
• May increase the potency of the minerals and vitamins in the food we eat and the fluid we drink.
• Helps in anti-aging, facial sculpting, toning, and skin rejuvenation
• It helps to relieve aches, pain, increase energy and healing for all animals/pets.
• It helps plants grow faster and better.

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