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Our Body is the MOST complex and advanced bioengineering creation far more powerful than any supercomputer developed. All human has an extraordinary intelligence and ability to heal. Given the right energetic, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual environments, one can achieve the natural state of the body: Homeostasis.

A living system may have many resonant frequencies due to their degrees of freedom, where each can vibrate as a harmonic oscillator supporting the progression of vibrations as waves that moves as a ripple within the whole system. A cell as an organism or cells in multicellular organisms act as resonating bodies that trigger oscillation of oscillatory proteins of the cytoskeletal network.

Human bioengineering

The greatest power in the universe is your own life force! The energy that keeps you alive and also powers every bit of your healing! Your body is constantly working the best it can to preserve and improve its vital domain: repairing its parts when needed, regenerating, rebalancing and optimizing all of its functions. Under favorable conditions, this healing force is vigorous and thorough as our genes are genetically programmed for all manner of self-healing automatically.

life force energy

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AMized Fusion Technology is our proprietary quantum resonance technology process to energize the products to resonate at Zero Point Field. In Quantum physics, there is no empty space between two objects; this vacuum is the Zero Point Field (ZPF) which propagates vibrations as forms of quantum fluctuations at specific frequencies (Puthoff and Little 2010). In AMized Fusion Technology® process: only organic products or natural elements are used. Ingredients are cleansed from any negative contaminants and then charged in the vacuum chamber for over 21 days. The natural life force resonance is amplified when charged within the special AFT vacuum chamber.

AMized Fusion Technology ® encompasses a unique process where the resonance structure of atoms is altered. The changes are imparted at the level of sub atomic particles: electrons, protons etc. The process mimics the mechanics of nature. In an ideal universe, these sub-atomic structures will undergo a certain routine to exhibit spin configurations, wave properties, charge density within a defined range.

Finally in the AFT process, the ingredients or the products are encoded with corrective information that helps the living form to return to its optimal blueprint for health and wellness. This unique information as resonating waves created through the processes of quantum entanglement and which results in an instantaneous exchange of information (Mitchell and Staretz 2011).

AMized Fusion Technology
AFT energy

These resonances from the AFT Energized products can trigger off a series of quantum events and therefore induce several changes related to consciousness at micro as well as the macro level within a living system resulting in a healing effect.
Our Biofield is able to detect the universal source resonance and use the resonance of the AFT products to act as a “bridge” or as an ‘antenna’ to source universal life force energy from the environment. With the abundance of sourced energy from the environment, the Bio-field is able to neutralize negative frequencies and memories, correct its distortions and restore its balanced state.

In summary, the uniqueness of AFT is:

Neutralizing negative frequencies and memories from substances such as water, crystals and any organic elements. Tune to the natural organic life force resonance and amplifies naturally. Increases the electrons in the atoms of the substance, thereby increasing the energetic resonance Expands the efficacy and potency of the elements charged. Energetic imprints trigger and remind healing.
Each of our products undergoes strict quality control checks before and after processing. Furthermore, each of our products is formulated uniquely by having different resonance and properties. The AFT process is uniquely devised for each product to suit specific formulations and purposes.

AFT Biofield energy flow

How using AFT products help to body


Observe the subject’s energy field difference before (left) and after (right) 30 minutes of using AFT Products.

GDV Experimental Report

The picture below shows a drop of Face cream’s biophoton field before and after AMized Fusion Technology

AFT Energetic Reading test
AFT Energetic Reading test
Blood cell Before Aft


The client's blood is taken prior to any exposure to AMization. Clumping of the erythrocytes. hours have elapsed and the blood is dead! Only cell fragments are.

Blood cell after Aft


Taken 2 hours after AMization. Already improved, the erythrocytes are singular and free in the plasma.
dead! Only cell fragments are .

Blood cell After 8hrs without AFT


The same blood as photo one (A). The difference here is that eight hours have elapsed and the blood is dead! Only cell fragments are recognizable.

Blood cell After 8hrs with AFT


The same blood as in photo two (B). After eight hours you can see the blood is still alive and the cells still have their cellular integrity.ssds

Disclaimer: We do not claim to heal anyone. We are merely using modern scientific principles to help the body reach its optimal bio-energetic condition so that it can go about the business of maintaining itself efficiently.