AFT Testimonial Dr.Himeno Japan

Dr.Himeno – Japan

Dr. Himeno has opened her own clinic in Osaka. Prior to this, she became a licensed massage therapist in both Anma and Shiatsu in 1973. The following year, she obtained government certification in acupuncture. Over the years, she has acquired experience and skills in various medical fields.

She has always aimed to make her patients well and happy, thus her discovery of the AMWand has been of great help to her. In fact, her application of the product to her customers has been featured in a variety of women and beauty magazines. “I’ve been using an AMWand and an AMPendant for years now and I’ve felt its wonderful effects on my body. And I then decided to gradually introduce it in my clinic. Since then, I’ve only heard good feedback from my customers, like how the products have made them feel better and energized.

It was July last year when I heard the news that the AMWand would be imported here in Japan and I really looked forward to it. I’ve been using it for the removal of electromagnetic and turbulent energy, and even in autonomic nervous system dysfunction adjustments. The AMWand is indeed a 21st-century invention that is of great help in the medical field. I believe that the feature of AMWand in a number of magazines is just the beginning, I sincerely hope that in the future, more and more people here in Japan will get to experience the wonders of these AFT products. Live Life Energized!”

AFT Testimonial Kelly Europe

Mr & Mrs Kelly – Europe

I was on disability for a neck injury which was the result of a car accident. I was rear-ended sitting still in my car. This damaged the Facet Joints on the back of my neck, which cannot be surgically repaired. I was having painful Rhizotomies, every 6 months, where they “laser” the nerves as they come out of the spinal column (While you’re awake!). Then, over a 6 month period, the nerves grow back and they need to repeat the procedure on both sides.

When my AMWand arrived in February 2010, a friend wanded the back of my neck on both side for two weeks every day. Amazingly, my neck has now completely recovered. I have not had a Rhizotomy for over 18 months and am again able to work. Additionally, I had fallen and torn ligaments in my knee. I had had surgery in September 2008 and was wearing a knee brace for a year, and unable to walk without a limp, or without the brace. I wanded my knee for 7 days in a row, and have not had the brace on since.

My Orthopedic Surgeon did an x-ray about 6 weeks later, and said my thigh bone was now straight, and my knee was no longer “caving in” on itself due to trauma and arthritis in the joint. It was truly a miracle! In fact, it was two at the same time.

AFT Testimonial Cory walker BC canada

Cory Walker
Victoria BC, Canada

I run “Mrs. Dolittle’s Pet Care”. Part of my business is operating a cat hotel out of my home. Rebecca Girouard booked her lovely cat Odin into my hotel. The day she arrived to drop him off, I was showing her around. We have two private suites (large rooms) for elderly or very unsocial cats. Heading into one of the private rooms, I cautioned Rebecca not to get too close to the cat in there as I had been boarding the cat for almost a month and she was highly reactive. She would lunge and hiss and spit if you get within about 4-5 feet from her. Rebecca asked me if she could “wand her”. I thought it was best that I go get some band-aids. I thought this wasn’t going to go well.

She began wanding in large circles and moving closer and closer to the cat. When she got within the 4-5 foot range, I waited for the inevitable lunge. But, it didn’t happen. The cat sat up and began purring and even moved closer. Rebecca said to me “oh, she’s purring and look, she’s kneading.” The cat was as happy as a cat would be. I asked if I could video this with my phone as I knew my husband wouldn’t believe it and I wanted to show him what happened. The cat made its way out of her bed and began rubbing up against Rebecca and myself.

We were able to pet the cat which had not been possible AT ALL before this. I was truly shocked. I knew then and there I wanted a wand even if it only helped my pet clients… little did I know it would change my life too…

AFT Testimonial Mary Robbins US

Mary Robbins
United States

I let my friend Rose McQuaide try it because she has had so many health issues this past year and she is sensitive to the energy. One of Rose’s problems was her inability to sleep. She has not had a good night’s sleep in at least 4 or 5 months. Three nights she did sleep with the aid of Lyrica, Zanex and Oxycodone. She did not wish to use those meds as they had side effects that she did not appreciate. She also has had a pacemaker put in and she has a blockage in her main artery in her neck.

The first night she wore the new pendant she slept like a baby as she did the second and third night. She was so elated and it was easy to see what a good night’s rest did to help her.

She also reported that she always felt like she was racing inside” like there was a current or vibration forcing her into overdrive all the time. She reports that since wearing the pendant that she is completely calm and centered in a way she has not known for years. Everything is more normal for her.

The pain in her legs from the diabetes is improved, as is her numbness. She has more feeling in her feet. She is very excited and wants to buy it without even knowing the price she is so happy with it!

AFT Testimonial Dani & Franks Belgium

Dani & Frank – Belgium

Dani suffered from a few health issues, not bad, just the kind that you think you will have to learn to live with because that’s aging (in people minds) arthritis in her feet and hands, tendinitis in the shoulder, stiffness in the morning. After just a few weeks of wanding the chakra points every morning, wanding all food and drinks, and wanding the hurting parts, everything is gone, and it stays that way, she feels good and energetic.

We also have a great testimonial with the bracelet. A friend of us is diabetic and this for the last ten years. He didn’t really care about his diet very strictly and the last months his values where over 350 constantly, his doctor confronted him with the outcome of this attitude and put him on a severe diet. On three weeks time, his values went down to 240 but it went no lower, didn’t matter how strict he became. Five weeks later he received his bracelet and from the following day his values started lowering again and now he turns around 120 which is very good.

And this is just a few of the testimonials we have. With great products such as AMWand™, AMPendant™ and our AMgenex™ that changed our lives and can change people’s lives as we see it every day.

My name is Dr. Arthur L. Franklin, ND. (Naturopathic Doctor). I have studied and practiced natural methods of bringing the body into balance, (Homeostasis) for 31 years. For 11 years, 1993 to 2004, I owned and operated a Network Marketing company, as the Founder and Chairman of the Board. We sold up to $21,000,000 a year in natural products, here in the US and 12 other countries.

I retired in 2004 and sold the business when I had colon cancer and thought I would not be staying around on this earth. I am now going on 76 years of age and in good health, with the exception of what you will read below. Last August 15, 2009 I had a Brain Stroke caused by hardening of the arteries.The right artery to my brain in the back of my head went from the size of a pencil down to a pencil lead for 2 centimeters just before entering the brain, almost stopping the blood flow. I have “0” plaque in my arterial system, which is usually the cause of a stroke! Fortunately, I didn’t loose my strength, sight, speech or memory, but it did leave me dizzy and off balance.My surgeon put in a stent to open up the right artery blood flow on December 15, 2009, but it made me dizzier and off balance. However, on the positive side, I will not have another stroke with the increased blood flow from the stent.When I went into the Hospital for a week I found out that I was a Type II Diabetic, and had developed extremely high blood pressure. Also, 30 years ago, I had fallen off a house roof 28 feet to the ground. I damaged the nerves in my right tight and the top of my leg has been asleep for 30 years now. When touched it felt like it had been shot with Novocaine.I have had it worked on with Massage, Chiropractic, and Laser over the 30 years. Nothing has helped. I joined Amega Global on January 27th. When I received my products, the AMWand, bracelet, AMPendant, and AMGizers, I found in just twelve hours, 80% of the feeling came back into my right thigh! Absolutely Amazing! Another added benefit: I now sleep soundly through the night. I used to get up at least 6 times and was tired when I woke up around 9:00 AM. Now I’m raring to go at 6:00 AM! I believe that the mat for the bed that is coming soon will straighten out my dizziness and balance issues in a matter of time.

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur L. Franklin, ND

My five-year-old Dachshund, Winnie Dog, had injured her spine and was in a lot of discomforts for two weeks. Our vet gave her medication, cortisone injections and pills that did not help a bit. In fact, it seemed to make her feel worse and we stopped using them. The vet informed us that if she did not improve in a couple more weeks, a $2,500 surgery may be our only choice but no guarantees.

Then the AMWand and AMPendant arrived and we proceeded to wand her spine three times a day for 20 minutes. This went on for four days straight. We put the AMPendant around her neck like a collar and by the fourth day, Winnie Dog was back to her old self!

We took her in to see the vet for her weekly scheduled appointment and he couldn’t believe it. The inflammation around her vertebrae was completely gone. We told him what we had done and he decided to order a wand for himself…he was that impressed!

We are thrilled with the AMWand and AMPendant and its effect on our little friend Winnie.

Debbie D