AMpendant Universe - AFT Quantum Energy Balancing Pendant

AMPendant Universe- Energy Balancing Pendant

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AMPendant Universe- Energy Balancing Pendant


Step into a sanctuary of balance and vitality with our AFT Pendant a revolutionary Quantum resonance energy-balancing AMPendant Universe designed to counteract the challenges of our fast-paced, stress-laden world. Crafted with care, this pendant is a harmonious blend of natural minerals and crystals encased in a sleek titanium pendant casing.

What sets the AFT Pendant apart is its infusion with cutting-edge AMized Fusion Technology (AFT), a proprietary process that takes place in an AFT vacuum chamber for 21 days. This unique technology serves as an amplifying force, enhancing the AMPendant Universe inherent life-giving energy.

Imbued with a distinctive quantum resonance, the AFT Pendant strives to elevate your energetic system and maintain a state of homeostasis an optimal level of wellness and harmony. Its resonant frequencies synchronize with your Biofield, effectively dispelling distortions and fortifying your vibration against the onslaught of EMF, Esmog, harmful frequencies, negative energies, oxidative stress and more.

Positioned at the thymus gland, known as the assemblage point, the pendant facilitates the abundant flow of Universal Life Force energy. This resonance harmonizes with your personal vibration, dynamically boosting your immune system and ushering you into an empowered and energetic state.

The AFT Pendant stands as a staunch supporter of the Thymus Gland, contributing to the strengthening of the immune system. Additionally, it aids in enhancing personal vibration to foster an empowered energetic state.

Regular use of the AFT Pendant yields a plethora of benefits: -

  1. Including the clearance of energy blockages and imbalances.
  2. Increased vitality, strength, flexibility, and energy levels.
  3. Balancing your Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical Dimensions.
  4. Fortifying your Biofield against e-smog, oxidative stress, and negative energies.
  5. improving the quality of rest, and reducing stress.

Each pendant undergoes strict quality check, marked with a unique serial number and comes with an AFT Quality assurance card. Available in four captivating colors, each AFT Pendant comes with a complimentary 20-inch stainless steel chain.

Elevate your well-being and embrace the positive energy flow with the AFT Pendant a beacon of balance in a chaotic world.



The AMPendant comes with a complimentary 20-inch stainless steel chain.

Available in 4 Colors: Silver Plated / 22k Gold Plated / Rose Gold Plated / Black Enamel Plated

30 days money back guarantee
  • 5
    Soooo Relieved

    Posted by Arati Marinkurre, India, India, IN  on 26th Jan 2021

    I have been suffering from severe sciatica for the last 2 years. After using this for about 10 months now, I am greatly relieved from the sciatica pain and I feel quite energetic now. Thank you!

  • 5
    Very grateful

    Posted by Hesti P, Indonesia, Indonesia, ID  on 26th Jan 2021

    My husband was having problems when trying to squat. I was so surprised after he used the AMPendant for a couple of days he is able to slowly squat again. Maybe using it longer it will help him more.

  • 5
    Couldn’t believe that I felt the effect

    Posted by Dikin W, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia, ID on 20th Oct 2020

    I had suffered from a bad migraine for 5 years. I went to doctors, but I couldn’t really feel the effect on me. On the mid-February, I was introduced to these Products by my friends and immediately tried them. I just couldn’t believe that I felt the effect on my head. I felt that my blood was having a good circulation so that I felt very warm around my head.

  • 5
    Amazed !!

    Posted by Bishnu, Dubai, Dubai, AE on 19th Oct 2020

    I ‘m very glad and proudly telling all my unbelievable experience. I was a sporty person but due to our lifestyle and poverty, I stopped. I had problem with stress, headache, dry face skin, arthritis (both leg’s) and every day after my dinner I cough and I get uncomfortable. But wearing this for a few months my entire problem has been gone. I feel healthier, I now have no more pain, so Im really amazed, it helpped me a lot, Thank you so much for your procducts.

  • 5
    This helped me in every way

    Posted by Theresia S, Indonesia, Indonesia, ID on 6th Oct 2020

    I was told that this product can make blood circulation become better. After using it for 2 days, I feel much lighter. In the afternoon my thumb stiffed because I crushed a wet cloth that I shouldn’t have. After that, I put the pendant on my thumb for around 15 minutes, and I felt that my thumb went back to the normal. Now, I can even walk better and my knee can be moved.
    Thanks God that I can stand 45 minutes to 1 hour, last time I can only stood 5 to 10 Minutes.

  • 5
    Love the Energy of the pendant

    Posted by Catherine Summers, Glasgow, Strathclyde, GB on 1st Oct 2020

    When I had an instant connection when I first got my pendant. I sense the energy radiating from it, when I wear it for the first time, I was shaky for about few minutes, after that I feel vitalized and energized ever since.

  • 5
    Amazing Product

    Posted by Handry Kurniawan, Indonesia, Indonesia, ID on 28th Sep 2020

    My Mom suffered from the high Blood pressure, she had also had a light stroke. After using these for a month, her blood pressure become 130/90. So grateful we found something that helped her.