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AFT Magnetic Pellets

AFT Magnetic Pellet patches are a natural method of stimulating pain relief. Each patch consists of a natural hematite magnet on a hypoallergenic self-adhesive plaster. AFT Magnetic Pellet patches are natural, drug-free and can be used to aid the relief of headaches, menstrual pain, muscular aches, fatigue and pains.  It is ENERGIZED by AMized Fusion Technology (AFT), which allows the natural magnetic resonance to support prolong healing after a therapy.

AFT Magnetic Pellets are based on the use of electromagnetic fields on acupuncture points. Each patch works as a mini transmitter, emitting small magnetic fields, which have a soothing effect and stimulate the body's natural pain relief mechanism. Apply the AFT Magnetic Pellet to stimulate acupressure points to promote the body’s healing process

How do I use them?

AFT Magnetic Pellet patches can be placed directly over the areas in pain. Alternatively, one or more of the patches can be placed on any of the acupressure points outlined in our body maps. These show the acupuncture points for some of the more common conditions.

Apply one patch to a clean, dry skin area as appropriate. Place the magnetic side onto the skin and press firmly on the adhesive patch surrounding it. You can bathe and wash with the patch on. The optimum effect of the magnetic patch treatment is achieved between the third and fifth day.

·      Place entire plaster over clean, dry skin. It is very important that the skin is dry for the plaster to stick properly.

·      Apply some pressure over the entire plaster to assure it is stuck well to the skin.

·      Leave on continuously for a maximum of 5-7 days.

·      You can bathe, shower, and swim safely while wearing the plaster.

·      More than one plaster can be worn at the same time depending on the spread and intensity of pain.

·      Do not share a used patch with someone else.

·      After 3-5 days, or when the patch is peeling off, you might want to replace the pellet with a Kinesio patch provided.

This kit comes with 30 hematite magnetic pellets with adhesives, plus 20 replacement Kinesio patches without magnets. After use, magnets can be kept and easily be recycled on fresh adhesives for repeated uses.

  • 30 Hematite Magnetic Pellet patches
  • 20 Kinesio patches without magnets
  • 1 User Guide Body Map.