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There are many symptoms associated with poor circulation of the blood. These symptoms give rise to many complications and affect the quality of life.Usually, people ignore the symptoms of minor ailments such as cold, fever, flu, etc.

However, if the symptoms become severe or worse, everyone will take the necessary measures to know the exact reason and try to manage as soon as possible. This is also the case with signs of poor blood circulation. When the flow of blood in your body is normal, all your body functions perform regularly.

Following are some warning signs of poor blood circulation.

1. Tingling and swelling of hands and feet

Falling asleep is the term used to describe the tingling of hands and feet due to poor circulation of blood in these areas. When the flow of the blood to hands and feet is lost, the toes and fingers start to tingle.

There is another condition associated with poor circulation of blood, which is swelling of hands and feet. In this situation, the body faces difficulty keeping the fluid in blood vessels. The swelling is caused by the leaking of fluid into the surrounding tissues.

2. Numbness

One of the primary indications of poor circulation of blood is the numbness of the different body parts, mostly buttocks, legs, feet, and hands. Some people feel frequent episodes of numbness in these areas.

3. Slow nail growth

It is observed that the growth of fingernails and toenails becomes very slow due to poor circulation of blood. Nails also grow weak and brittle and can be chipped easily.

4. Dark circles under eyes

Poor circulation of the blood can also cause dark circles around the eyes and give a puffy look. Most people think only lack of sleep is the reason for dark circles, but that's not the case. To confirm, press the discolored area, and if it turns white before turning dark, then it indicates poor circulation of blood.

5. Weak immune system

There is a direct relation of blood circulation with the efficacy of the immune system. As we know, blood has white blood cells that fight against foreign invaders and helps in immunity. Poor circulation results in the lack of white blood cells and other minerals and vitamins required at the specific part of the body to fight against the infections.

Whereas during normal circulation, body parts get enough minerals and vitamins to fight against the infections. There is one more reason for the weakening of the immune system that can be linked with poor digestive function, which results in the lack of synthesis of enzymes required to boost the immune system.

6. Sores on feet or legs

Poor circulation of blood in extremities, and makes it difficult for the body to heal in such areas where the circulation of blood is poor. That's why sores and ulcers are not easily healed from the feet and legs.

Ulcers often develop around the knees and ankles, and you may see patches of sore and inflamed skin in feet and legs.

7. Extreme temperatures in hands and feet

People suffering from poor circulation of blood often experience the variable temperatures of their hands and feet.

Extremely hot and cold temperatures can be indicated by color change. The bright red color of hands and feet shows extreme hot temperature, whereas the purple-grey color of hands and feet shows extreme cold temperature.

8. Varicose veins

Varicose veins commonly occur on feet and legs and can be characterized by enlarged, swollen, twisted, lumpy, bulging in general. Sometimes patches of capillaries are formed in the legs and are known as spider veins. This condition can occur when the faulty valve in the veins allows the flow of the blood in the opposite direction. They are usually blue to dark purple in appearance.

Poor circulation of blood makes varicose veins more apparent under the surface of the skin because they retain more fluid. They can become painful and itchy sometimes but don't always hurt.

Improving the blood flow to the legs can disappear varicose veins over time. The flow of blood can be improved by wearing Bio-magnetic Anklets.

9. Digestive problems

Blood plays a crucial role in the digestion of food. Poor circulation of blood leads to digestive issues. In such cases, the supply of blood to the stomach is limited which in turn makes it difficult for the stomach to digest food. Improper digestion of food leads to loose bowel movements, nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pain. It can also make you feel tired and weak.

10. Lack of sex drive

In both men and women, reproductive organs require a rich supply of blood for proper functioning. Poor circulation of blood in women affects their normal monthly cycle and may also cause fertility issues. Whereas in men, lack of blood flow leads to loss of libido and erectile dysfunction or difficulty to maintain an erection for sufficient period required for intercourse. Reduced blood flow to the extremities also affects the reproductive organs both in men and women.

11. Loss of Appetite

You feel less hungry when the blood circulation to your digestive system is poor.

Blood is the essential requirement of the gastrointestinal tract for the digestion of food and transportation of nutrients from the intestine to other body parts. The digestive system becomes impaired when the flow of the blood slows down. This can affect your eating habit, and when you eat less, your metabolism also suffers a lot.

12. Constant Sleepiness/Fatigue

Impaired blood flow to the brain makes you feel fatigued and tired even if you slept for 8 to 10 hours. Doing just a little bit of activity makes you fatigued and lazy. When the circulation of blood is poor, physical activity quickly drains energy from muscles, and it is hard for the body to replenish again.

As discussed, lack of adequate blood circulation causes many problems; we can overcome such issues in different ways like, by doing exercises daily like yoga, wearing Amega Biomagnetic bracelets, necklaces, or anklets, and taking some supplements containing vitamin E, B, and iron.

By taking these precautionary measures, you can improve blood circulation and avoid many abnormalities due to this.

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