10 Step AFT Quantum Healing

(The content below are summary of the AFT Quantum Healing Therapy performed by a trained & certified AFT Facilitator with an AFT Healing Kit).

In today's world with rising medical cost, more and more people are receptive and adopting holistic healing such as Acupressure, Reiki healing and other forms of alternative healings are gaining popularity and the underlining motive is to accommodate the body to heal. AFT Quantum Energy Healing is a simple holistic approach where the Energized products are used to facilitate the healing without the interference or manipulation of the practitioner (healer).

Unlike mainstream medical approaches, the result of holistic healing is totally depended on the mindset and proactive participation of the subject. Hundreds of case studies are available talking about the miraculous outcomes of such holistic approaches where the patient had experienced improvements from different kinds of medical conditions from aches and pains to major degenerative diseases. Anyone, even without healing experience, can facilitate the AFT Quantum Healing by adopting the following steps to bring about successful results for anyone regardless of their health conditions.

AFT Quantum Energy Heal

In AFT Quantum Healing, the facilitator works with the subtle anatomy of the body known commonly as the chakras, meridian points and bio-field (aura) to source life force energy, clear the energy blockages and restore the natural balance with the aid of AFT Quantum Energy products which work like a catalyst and the actual healing is happening within the patient. That is why AFT Quantum Energy Healing is actually "Self-healing” and the who is being healed is known as "healer” and the person who is performing the healing protocols is known as "facilitator”.

Here are the 10 steps guidelines for an effective AFT Quantum Energy Healing.

The AFT Facilitator would to sit down with the subject to have a dialogue and discussion to identify the real issues and discomforts at all levels such as physical, emotional and mental. Physical issues like aches and pains can be easily measured by asking the level of pain, from one to ten, where one means no pain and 10 means the unbearable pain. This question will allow the person who will be healed to feel the range of pain before and after the healing session. Since there is no instrument which can be used to measure the level of pain, they need to feel it and let the facilitator know. Similarly, you can ask the subject to measure their stress level and overall energy level with the gauge of 1 to 10, 1 is being low and 10 is being high.


Here, both parties need to establish the intention of the healing process and this can mentally prepare the healer to undergo the self-healing process. The facilitator gets the consent of the subject by asking the following questions:

  • (a) "Do you want to get rid of this issue” - YES
  • (b) Are you willing to fully participate in the AFT Quantum Healing process for maximum results? - YES
  • (c) Do you believe and agree that we are a bundle of condensed energy? - YES
  • (d) Do you believe and agree that we have the greatest healing ability within us to heal? - YES

If any of the questions above are answered besides "YES”, the facilitator will educate and enlighten the subject in order to get "YES”. Intention setting is very important for effective correction or healing to happen at all levels.


AFT Quantum Energy Healing includes a practice called "energetic hygiene” that is rarely found in other healing modalities. Energetic hygiene is a set of practices such as " breathing, nutritional recommendations, and other energy cleansing routines" that are designed to keep your personal energy tank clean and full. Most of the Healing experts agree that energetic hygiene is one of the greatest benefits of the AFT Quantum Healing. Listed below are some of the most Important steps of preparation of the Energetic Hygiene and their benefits.

A.BRINE: (Put 5 to 10 drops of AMgenex AMsole (concentrated Crystal Brine) in a 100 ml water and let the subject drink). AMsole will work like an Electrolyte and is known to reduce stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. This will trigger the healing to happen fast.

B.T-OIL : Applying T Oil on the "T Junction” (behind the neck, above the Vertebrae) will unblock the energetical blockages if any, or help to speed up the neuron transmission between the brain and the body. Besides the above, apply T Oil on to any other affected areas. The T oil’s healing resonance will trigger the healing process.

C.AMdisc: Place one of the smaller healing discs on to the sacral area at the back and ask the Subject to lie down facing up with the hands slightly apart palms facing up.

D.Crystal Pillow: Place the crystal pillow at the back (top of the vertebrae / T1 area).

E.EYE PAD (CLOSE EYES): Close the eyes with some cloth or eye pads. This will help to preserve the energy as the eyes consume the maximum amount of energy to process the pictures in the brain. Closing the eyes will shut down that work of the brain and preserve the energy.

F.BODY & MIND SYNC: Ask the subject to clinch both the fists so tight by using the whole energy and release (let go/relax). Repeat twice. Then tighten the whole body with full force for 5 seconds and release. Repeat twice.

G.BREATH DOWN: Give the instruction for breathing 10 times, " take a deep breath thru the nose and out from the mouth” and count from 10 to 1. As you count down, guide the subject to take the breath deeper and deeper as you countdown.

H.SPRAY HEALING MIST: Spray the "healing mist” on to the subject from two feet distance. This healing mist is a part of Energetic hygiene which helps in cleansing the bio-field (aura).


Take the AMwand and slightly press /tap on the subjects crown chakra with the tip of the AMwand. This procedure is known as "provocation” which activates all energy centers. Now start wanding 7 points from Crown Chakra till Root Chakra. Wanding means rotating the AMwand in a clockwise motion which creates a vortex of energy flow crucial for the energetic healing. Wanding can be performed 9, 18, 36 times or several minutes. The other 7 points are as follows: Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland (Third eye chakra), then Thyroid Gland, then Thymus (heart chakra), then Adrenal, then Sacral, and then Root Chakra (sex glands).


Once you complete the 8 Step wanding, you can move onto full body wanding by circling or rotating the Amwand above the whole body (7 chakras or energy centers).


Fingertip Energy releasing is another important procedure in AFT Quantum Healing where the cleansing happens. Each and every fingertip on our hands are the exit points of our energy system. Place the tip of the AMwand against each fingertip and apply slight pressure while making 3 circles and "flick" the AMWand tip out. Continue with all the fingers.


Facilitator repeats step 4 again, 2 times by "Wanding" all the 7 Chakras from Crown to Root Chakra. While "wanding" the facilitator reminds him/her to “let go” as he breathes out; get him to affirm some positive affirmations as he breathes in.


The first part created after conception is the belly button. It is connected to over 72,000 veins (nadis) which makes it the focal point of our body. At 1 inch below the navel, the facilitator with the AMwand tip apply pressure at an interval of 5 seconds (5 seconds of pressure, then release for 5 seconds and continue the same for several times (9, 18 or 36 counts).


The facilitator would spray the healing mist as part of energizing and empowering the healing process. This will give a feeling of freshness and a high personal wellness provoking vibration as it is embedded with an Energizing frequency by using Amwell's proprietary technology called AFT.
AFT Healing Disc is removed.


The AFT Quantum healing therapy is now completed; however, it is important to bring the healer back to the proper state of consciousness. This is possible by guiding them to breathe from 1 to 10 (upwards). Aa the Facilitator counts up - he or she suggestions strong and empowering affirmations to empower the healer (subject).