MILES- 2 Tone Silver Polish Finish


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Titanium is a metallic element, which is well known for its excellent corrosion resistance and for its high strength. Titanium is as strong as steel, but is 45% lighter. Because of its strength, light weight, extraordinary corrosion resistance, and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, titanium metals are used in aircraft, missiles, joint replacement implants, and body piercing. 

Our Titanium magnetic bracelets/Necklaces/anklets are superior quality and are finely crafted with 3000 gauss neodymium north polarity magnets. These Titanium magnetic bracelets are crafted using Grade 2 Titanium, which is the most biocompatible titanium grade of all. 

How Magnets Work

magnet-therapy.jpgMagnets have been used all over the world for thousands of years and believed to possess healing powers. When magnets are placed on the human body, the magnetic field penetrates the skin tissues and bones. As blood contains iron, it acts as a conductor of magnetic energy in helping to increase the flow of blood and, therefore, increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues. This assists the growth of healthy new cells and initiates the body to heal itself by its natural ability.

The use of North facing magnetic orientation to the body is widely considered to give the best magnetic benefits as the North polarity produces a stronger magnetic field effect resulting in better penetration to the skin. At the same time – the South facing (+) magnetic resonance helps to protect us from E-smog, some levels radiations, external frequencies.

Wearing a Amega Bio-energy Magnetic products helps to energize and boost the rate of circulation, stimulating nutrient rich blood flow thus invigorating your metabolism by oxygenating the organs providing muscle and tissue more oxygen for mental and physical vigor while accelerating the elimination of body wastes, flushing out unwanted toxins, releasing more endorphins, the body's natural painkillers promoting repair and stimulating faster. They are suitable for daily-wear and as a fashion statement.

Benefits of The Amega Bio-magnetic products 

  • Helps Improves your strength and balance
  • Assists in pain relief, flexibility and mood improvement
  • Helps improve blood circulation and metabolism
  • Helps speed up the healing process 
  • Increase vitality, strength, flexibility, and energy level
  • Helps protect your body against E-smog & EMF
  • May enhance quality of rest and improve your sleep pattern

TYPE: Gents

  • MATERIAL: TITANIUM 2 Tone Silver Finish
  • Size: 21.5 cm / 8.5 inch
  • Width:1.5 cm / 0.6 inch

The bracelets comes with adjustable links. Simply bring to any watch shop to have it resize to fit your wrist.


30 days warranty

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