Quantum Physics & Energy Healing

Posted by AMwell on 6th Sep 2020

Quantum Physics & Energy Healing


A simplified and practical explanation of quantum physics reveals that everything is made of energy and all perceptible and noticeable realities are basically shaped by beliefs that are "molding and holding” that energy in place. In measured energy physics, the infinite potential and probable subsist within our reach and the onlooker creates the reality they see. Choosing colors and painting like an artist on canvas, we "paint” our present conditions with our thoughts and beliefs.

For some, this is hard to comprehend and accept, at times causing anger as they are forced to look at their prey attitude and the habits that held the door closed on all of the good that is available to them. It is also hard to grasp how one would create something such as cancer or a car accident in their life. Importantly, it is counter-productive for us to feel "guilty”, or blame others, for these creations but rather to look deeply at the unconscious beliefs we hold and how we are energetically resonating with what shows up in our life. In order to transform and heal, an individual must be able to recognize the thoughts, patterns and blocks that keep them tied to hardship, struggle, conflict, pain and illness.

New research in quantum physics indicates that at a moment’s notice we can instantly alter our reality on the basis of how we understand and perceive the limitless potential and probabilities that abound in "the area” of universal intelligence. It is the lens of our belief systems that filters the reality we manifest. In this regard, seeing our life as predetermined and set in destiny rather than our own work of art that we paint as we go, is working from a belief system that limits the individual. Everything is based on the story that we tell ourselves. Our interpretation of the world creates our world.

In energy healing, we attempt to transmute the energies that bind one to the patterns we are unaware of and limiting "stories” we tell our self about our life. All situations, or manifestations, are created after being held in consciousness for some time, in an energy form state. Amazingly, one can change situations and outcomes with positive and directed thought. We have the capacity to do this healing on our own or with a spiritual healer assisting.

Depending on our level of intention and conflicting unconscious resistance, change can occur slowly over time and other times it is instantaneous. This is why we must pay close attention to what we are sending out into the pool of energy for others to interact with as this energy shapes their world as well.

The reality that is in front of us reflects back the dominant thought patterns, whether we are conscious of them or not. When doing intentional healing from a distance, quantum physics can explain why some people heal from pain and conflict and some never move forward for very long. Meditation can be an effective way to watch our thoughts and consider what we are actually broadcasting out to this field of possibilities. Energy healing, in its many forms and modalities, helps to remove blocks, stuck energy, patterns of resistance and limitation within the mind, body and spirit.