AFT AMLIFE400 AFT AMcone with AMwand Classic with EGA Therapeutic oil and Choice 1 x EGA Massage Oil 100ml

AMLIFE400: AFT AMcone with AMwand Classic with EGA Therapeutic oil and Choice 1 x EGA Massage Oil (100ml)

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COMBO PACK with AFT AMcone with Amwand Classic, with EGA Therapeutic Oil (10ml Roll-on) and Choice of 1 x EGA Massage Oil.

The AMWand Classic is the World Famous pen-shaped energy healing/wellness tool that resonates at Zero Point Life Force Energy Field. When rotated clockwise above or pointed at various parts of our body (animals/pets), it can help in energy cleansing, dislodge energetic blockages, recharge and rejuvenate our body. The AMWand is also a great multi-purpose energy tool to ENERGIZE food, water, environment, and plants.

The AMWand Classic is patented, designed and manufactured with AMized Fusion Technology(AFT), a proprietary quantum technology to resonate at Zero Point Life Force Energy Resonance. Engineered with special minerals and crystals, the AMWand Classic creates a long-lasting AMized resonance that brings balance to all aspects of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

AMWand Classic contains over 13 granulated minerals and crystals including gold, copper, silver and diamond dust which are "vacuum charged" for 21 days in an AFT Vacuum Chamber. AMWand BlackTip also known as Amega AMwand is manufactured by Amega Global with the highest standard.


  1. Assists in relieve fatigue, stress, and tiredness
  2. Assists in energy cleansing, healing and energy balancing
  3. Supports body, mind and spirit alignment
  4. May relieve pains, aches, discomfort, and ailments
  5. May Increase vitality, strength, flexibility and energy levels
  6. Assists in clearing negative energies and energetic blockages
  7. May Increase effectiveness of body and skin care products
  8. May Increase potency of the minerals and vitamins in the food we eat and the water we drink
  9. Supports us to go in deep relaxation and meditative state

Item Name: AMWand Black Tip  (Click on the name to visit the product page)
Item Code: AET-BT1001

AMCON is an Active healing massage tool, made of copper filled with healing crystals and energized with the AMized Fusion Quantum resonance technology (AFT)TM. The technology ensures deep energy cleansing, balancing, and healing occurs in the body. It acts as an excellent easy to use massage tool for both hot and cold therapy for self-therapy or professional use.

This innovatory product is designed to offer healing massage therapies to help combat the daily aches, fatigue, pain, and stress. Since the tool is made by applying the principles of ancient TCM, it is a significant and reliable product that will give the perfect body therapy. This tool does not only ease the pain of pressure massage which drains the energy of the masseur but also it’s infused natural crystals embedded with AFT Quantum resonance work in deep energy cleansing, balancing, and healing.

AMcone is an easy to use tool for hot & cold self-therapy or for professional use. Simply press the top (rounded edge) at a point or an area and massage in a circular motion for several seconds. For overall results press and glide over the meridian points, lines and or lymphatic lines. Refer to the user-guide given together with the product.


  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and promotes relaxation.
  • Unblocks energy flow and increase metabolism
  • Reduces aches, pain, and cramps
  • Improves your Immune system.
  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses.
  • Helps with overall healing.

Product Name: AMcone

Code: AFP55-AC1

  • Contents: 2 x Copper Cone, 1 wooden carry case and 1 x user guide
  • Size: 15 cm x 15 cm x 8 cm
  • Weight: 460 gms / 1.01 lb

EGA Therapeutic Oil is a healing oil that assists in relieving stress. This Therapeutic Organic Oil also assists in relieving muscle ache and beautifying skin.

Composed of organically grown and harvested botanical ingredients, EGA Therapeutic Oil is the world's only therapeutic grade oil that is energized by both nature and science.

Every bottle of EGA Therapeutic contains its very own Quartz Crystal, energized with AMized Fusion Technology (AFT), our proprietary energization process. The oil and quartz crystal are both energized to give you the absolute maximum potency.

EGA Therapeutic Oil is the multi-purpose oil, containing fatty acids, botanical active and vitamins, to not only protect and nourish but also to reorganize your bio-energetic field and gently move you toward homeostasis (perfect balance).


  • Assist in relief Stress - Dab a little onto the back of your neck, temples and earlobes and feel the tension melt away.
  • Assist in Relief Muscle Ache - Roll onto hands and warm the oil. Then massage over sore muscles until fully absorbed.
  • Assist in Skin Beautifying - Dab onto hands and smooth over face.
  • Assist in Body Treatment - Roll over areas affected by cellulite on a daily basis.
  • Well-Being - Use in any area of the body to organize energy fields and create balance.

Item Name: EGA Therapeutic Oil Certified Organic. (Click on the name to visit the product page) 

  • Item Code: EGA-T2002
  • Size: 10 ml Glass Roll-on bottle with crystal ball.


EGA HOLISTIC BODY OIL is the best among Energized Body Oils that help people to relax, unwind and relieve their stress. It also promotes pain relief.

The EGA Holistic Body Oil -Natural Meridian Body /Massage oil is an incredible mix of natural emollients energized using AMized Fusion Technology (AFT), a proprietary quantum technology developed after 25 years of dedicated research. Filled with bountiful vitamins, minerals, and protein, GLA, and a small amount of vitamin, this is an excellent massage oil for those who are seeking to relax and unwind.

Contains: Grapeseed Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E

Item Name: EGA Holistic Body Oil - Natural Meridian  (100 ml / 3.6 oz)

Item Code: EGA-MO3003


The EGA Holistic Body / Massage Oil: Slender works with triple action: toning, tightening, and toxin elimination. Further energized using AMized Fusion Technology (AFT), a proprietary quantum technology developed after 25 years of dedicated research, this super effective massage oil has exceptional natural ingredients that effectively work in synergy to also bring absolute pleasure and relaxation to your body.

Contains: Peppermint Oil, Lemon Oil, Rosemary Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E


  1. Promotes stress relief, helps one to relax and unwind
  2. Normalizes circulatory, muscular, and nervous systems
  3. Promotes pain relief (especially from migraines, rehabilitation, and respiratory problems, arthritis, leg aches, neck pain, etc)
  4. Fast adsorption and excellent hydration
  5. Promotes blood flow to speed up healing and give glowing skin
  6. Anti-aging properties
  7. Energizes the body and clears energy blockage in the body's energy centers
  8. Rejuvenates skin and body at the same time

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