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AMCON is an Active healing massage tool that is made of pure copper which is filled with healing crystals. In making AMCON, the copper and the crystals are then energized with the AMized Fusion Quantum resonance technology (AFT)TM. The technology ensures deep energy cleansing, balancing, and healing occurs in the body. It acts as an excellent easy to use massage tool for both hot and cold therapy for self-therapy or professional use.


This innovatory product is designed to offer healing massage therapies to help combat the daily aches, fatigue, pain, and stress. Since the tool is made by applying the principles of ancient TCM, it is a significant and reliable product that will give the perfect body therapy. This tool does not only ease the pain of pressure massage which drains the energy of the masseur but also it’s infused natural crystals embedded with AFT Quantum resonance work in deep energy cleansing, balancing, and healing.


The natural crystals offer positive impacts on the physical body. When the natural crystals are put in any particular area of the body, the crystals work by attracting the matter that has similar vibrational qualities as they do. In doing so, the crystals stimulate the target areas of the body hence releasing its healing properties. Medical experts also explain that this massage healing technique is effective as the copper and crystals are excellent healing conductors. They allow the flow of positive healing energy to the body parts that suffer pains and aches and release the disease-causing energy out.


AMcone is an easy to use tool for hot & cold self-therapy or for professional use. Simply press the top (rounded edge) at a point or an area and massage in a circular motion for several seconds. For overall results press and glide over the meridian points, lines and or lymphatic lines. Refer to the user-guide given together with the product.




  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and promotes relaxation.
  • Unblocks energy flow and increase metabolism
  • Reduces aches, pain, and cramps
  • Improves your Immune system.
  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses.
  • Helps with overall healing.

Product Name: AMcone

Code: AFP55-AC1

Contents: 2 x Copper Cone, 1 wooden carry case and 1 x user guide

Size: 15 cm x 15 cm x 8 cm

Weight: 460 gms / 1.01 lb

  • 5
    Wonderful product

    Posted by Sandra Jenson on 24th Feb 2022

    As a physio Therapist, I find this tool very useful for physical manipulation and massage. Worked on a stroke patient and the results are visible in just 2 session.

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